LIFE Certification

LIFE Certification

In 2016, the Banco ABN AMRO S.A. was granted with LIFE Certification, becoming the first institution of the financial market in the world to neutralize its impact on biodiversity.

The certificate is issued by LIFE Institute, which takes a quantitative approach to estimate the negative impact on biodiversity resulting from the activities of the organization. Among the evaluated items are the generation of waste to the environment, energy and water consumption, CO2 emission through corporate trips, among others. Therefore, the methodology defines the minimum objective to be achieved in compensatory actions to neutralize this impact to biodiversity.

In order to neutralize its impact on biodiversity, the Banco ABN AMRO S.A. is sponsoring a project in the Atlantic Forest for the preservation of large mammals. The project supports the production of scientific research with the objective of identifying the presence and proposing actions for the preservation of large mammals in the Biodiversity Corridor of Serra do Mar. This region represents one of the last refuges of the Atlantic Forest in the conservation of wildlife, including large mammals threatened with extinction such as tapir, wild pig, jaguar, among others. The project is carried out by the IPEC NGO (Cananéia Research Institute), which has been working in the region for more than 20 years.

Why to preserve the large mammals?

With the certification, ABN AMRO reinforces its commitment to long-term value creation for stakeholders - clients, shareholders, employees and society as a whole.

About IPEC

The Cananéia Research Institute (IPEC) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization of multidisciplinary interest, whose mission is to promote studies and actions in defense of natural patrimony, respecting local habits, customs and practices.

Since its foundation in 1997, IPEC has been active in scientific research on natural history and wildlife conservation, as well as environmental education actions and actively participating in different environmental councils in the Lagamar region and in other regions where it operates, contributing to the maintenance of this important area.

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About LIFE Certification

The LIFE Certification is an innovative tool, developed in Brazil and with an international scope, that provides the recognition of corporations that introduce, in a pragmatic and measurable way, the conservation of biodiversity in its environmental management agenda.

This unique mechanism on the market attests the commitment of business leaders to the development of a corporate responsibility agenda in a comprehensive manner consistent with current global conservation challenges.

Based on technical and scientific requirements on biodiversity conservation and the provision of ecosystem services, LIFE Certification: (i) assesses the organization's organizational management, (ii) calculates its impact on biodiversity, and (iii) incorporates the principle of voluntary compensation, ensuring a component in direct investments for conservation.

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