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Credit Guarantee Fund (FGC)

We would like to inform you that balances on cash deposits in saving accounts, investments in time deposits (CDB/RDB), bills of exchange, mortgage letters, LCI e LCA, among others, held in this financial institution, are guaranteed by Credit Guarantee Fund (FGC). 

This means that the FGC  ensures that will receive your money back in cases of intervention or liquidation of a financial institution by the Central Bank of Brazil, limited to R$ 250 thousand (two hundred and fifty thousand reais) per CPF or CNPJ and by financial institution.

Please note that if you receive the FGC guarantee due to more than one intervention or liquidation of a financial institution, the total limit of the guarantee is R$ 1 million (one million reais), each period of 4 years, from the first payment of Warranty. After this period, the coverage limit is reinstated. 

Attention: The FGC guarantees only the financial instruments indicated in its regulation, within the limits and under the conditions described therein. The FGC  does not guarantee investments in investments funds, financial bills, guaranteed real estate letters (LIG), shares and capitalization bonds, among others. 

For more details, access the site www.fgc.org.br