Strategy & Values

At ABN AMRO, we always aim to put our clients first and to create sustainable, long-term value for all our stakeholders, clients, shareholders, employees and society at large.

Our strategy: selective, sustainable growth

ABN AMRO is one of the three largest banks in the Netherlands, serving retail, private and commercial banking clients, and is active internationally with Brazil representing one of the locations with higher growth perspectives for the next few years.

To create sustainable value for our stakeholders – our clients, shareholders, employees and society at large – we concentrate on the following strategic themes: focus on the client, selectively grow our business, maintain a moderate risk profile, control costs while achieving healthy returns, embed sustainability bank-wide, and promote a strong, client-driven culture.

Our corporate values: trusted, professional and ambitious

We strive to always put our clients’ interests first and to create sustainable long-term value for all of ABN AMRO’s stakeholders – including clients, shareholders, employees and society at large.

Our values act as an ethical compass, form the core of our corporate culture, and are the basis of everything we do. Our corporate values are: Trusted, Professional and Ambitious.

Our Business Principles

'Our clients' success is our success'. We can only truly realise this ABN AMRO ambition if we know how to interact with our customers and with each other. We feel it is important for all employees to know what ABN AMRO stands for and where we are going.

We want customers to see ABN AMRO as trusted, professional and ambitious – our core values. So we have to live these values, to show in our actions that we truly are trusted, professional and ambitious. How are the values reflected in our actions? What can we expect from each other at ABN AMRO? And what about our own integrity?

How we deal with these issues will of course differ from one department or team to the next, as we’re all facing different challenges and dilemmas. But also because we all serve different customers, who present us with different questions and conundrums. Such diversity calls for central principles, for a shared vision and drive. And that’s where our six Business Principles come in – the basis for the 'ABN AMRO feeling'.

The six Business Principles:

  • I aim to provide my client with the best solutions
  • I take responsibility
  • I only take risks I understand
  • I am committed to sustainable business principles
  • I am a passionate professional
  • I build relationships through collaboration


ABN AMRO has a clear aim: “banking for better, for generations to come”. The bank's impact on the society and economy is enormous and for us to make a positive and lasting contribution we must make the right decisions.
In order to achieve our goal, ABN AMRO has implemented a code of conduct that serves as our day-to-day manual. Click here​ (PDF 3 MB) to see the ABN AMRO Group Code of Conduct.