Clearing Brazil

Recently, ABN AMRO Brazil received another recognition of its quality and excellence by obtaining the "Carrying Broker" stamp from the Operational Qualification Program (PQO) offered by B3.

Business segments

The Post-Trading Department (Clearing Brazil) acts as an intermediary between non-resident investors, brokers and B3, offering the necessary support in post-trading, clearing and settlement of transactions in equities and derivatives markets. ABN AMRO operates in the following segments of the Brazilian financial market:

  • Carrying Broker;

  • Clearing Member;

  • Custody Agent;

  • Settlement Bank;

  • Guarantee Issuing Bank.

“Carrying Broker” stamp

The "Carrying Broker" stamp, offered by B3 through the Operational Qualification Program (PQO), identifies the Participant that has the financial capacity and organizational and technological structure specialized in providing services of risk management, settlement , collateral management, consolidation of positions and custody services for institutional investors and non-financial corporations.

  • Authorization to access BM&FBOVESPA as Clearing Member and Working Capital and Shareholders' Equity totaling at least R$ 100 million.
  • Effective risk management and procedures.
  • Offering of tools and electronic platforms for the exchange of information about the trades carried out by its clients, intraday or daily closing.
  • Contingency sites connected to the BM&FBOVESPA trading and post-trading platforms.

ABN AMRO Clearing worldwide

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